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Save Sierra Leone Foundation


The Foundation

Founding History


Save Sierra Leone Foundation (SSLF) was conceived by its founder and chairwoman, Patricia Thorpe Finney as a portal to bring together a community of philanthropists, corporate donors, Non-Government Organizations, educational institutions and private citizens to implement innovative solutions benefiting underprivileged children in Sierra Leone in three key areas: Education, Healthcare, and Poverty alleviation.  The Foundation was incorporated in Maryland, USA in May 2009 as a non-profit organization and its inaugural launch was done in Freetown, Sierra Leone in August 2009. Save Sierra Leone Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the internal revenue code. Contributions made to the Foundation are deductible under section 170 of the code. The Foundation is overseen by a Board of Directors and additional management support is provided by a core group of Advisory Consultants.

Patricia Thorpe Finney - Founder

Patricia Thorpe Finney - Founder

Our Team


Board of Directors

Patricia O. Thorpe Finney             Founding Chair

Anita Bandazio Bianda                    Member

Zainab Kamara                                    Member

Ambrose Thorpe                               Member

Key Management Members / Department Heads     

Emma Fofanah              - International Outreach

Desmond Bishop         - Tourism and Hospitality              

Cassandra Wright      - Executive Donors' Club     

Sully Hamid                   - Public Relations            

Prince Thorpe             - Research & Development          

Samuel Bangura         - Marketing                                      


Program Coordinators /Area

Dr. Christiana Thorpe / Education

Prof. Dr. Onike Rodrigues / Healthcare

Rodney S. Lewis / Poverty  Alleviation

Ms. Vida Watson / Goodwill Ambassador

A team on a mission to empower lives

A team on a mission to empower lives


Our Mission

Empowering lives in Sierra Leone, one person at a time.

Yoga &  fitness training to support entities

Our Uniqueness


"At Save Sierra Leone Foundation, we take pride not credit in our accomplishments. Our job is to help organizations and individuals with innovative educational, healthcare and poverty alleviation projects for children in Sierra Leone succeed remarkably well. Their success in empowering lives, one person at a time gives us our greatest satisfaction. That is how our team gets things done differently at Save Sierra Leone Foundation." - Patricia Thorpe Finney, Founder.

Deliverables Snapshot - our first 5 years

Over two thousand children were beneficiaries of  our educational, healthcare or poverty alleviation programs.